Greg’s Wade Bowden Extruder for Rostock-Mini

The original direct drive Airtripper V3 extruder that I had made for my Rostock-Mini was almost able to get the job done. However, my stepper just didn’t quite have enough torque to push the filament directly, and it would “skip” steps relatively continuously. I could still print large objects, but they would have a “foamy” appearance due to using less plastic than they really should. Also, my stepper motor and drivers were getting hot due to all the extra current flowing through them.

I finally decided it just wasn’t going to work well enough for production use, and printed an extruder (Gregs Accessible Wade extruder) that has a printed gear system for a large mechanical advantage. I adapted it to feed into my Bowden tube and mount onto the top of my Rostock-mini frame with two printed parts.

It made all the difference in the world. My geared extruder can now easily feed filament continuously through the hot end at a 300mm/min rate.

I also printed an adapter plate that holds the stepper motor and attached extruder in the appropriate location/angle. In the future I may integrate this with parts from Gregs Wade extruder design to build an integrated extruder.


#1 Dmitry on 06.07.13 at 5:03 am

What kind of motor do you use for this extruder? I mean what torque. Thank you.

#2 Jay on 06.07.13 at 8:09 am

I’m using a NEMA 17 High Torque stepper motor, Bipolar,4.2V,1.5A, D Shaft 1.8 Degree steps, 5.5KG-CM Holding Torque by Kysan SKU: 1124090 Mfg: 42BYGH4803-DC. The gearing in the extruder of course multiplies the torque…this same stepper didn’t quite have enough torque for a direct drive stepper (but it was close….) with the Bowden tube and MakerGear extruder (hot end). The extra torque provided by the gearing has fixed that problem.

#3 !3runo on 07.23.14 at 4:22 am

Did you publish this support? I wish to try it on my Rostock Mini. Congratulations for the nice idea.

#4 Jay on 07.23.14 at 5:06 am

Yes, I published the support block here:

I also published the (Greg’s Accessible) Wade’s Extruder Bowden Adapter here:

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