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Projects and Experiments

These are things I've worked on at one point or another. Some of them are finished, some of them will be finished, and some of them will never be touched again even though they are nowhere near to being finished.

Laptop Paintjob

A LED Keylight w/ ChargePump

Fun with SMT circuits.

A Private PDA

A PDA screen that can only be viewed while wearing special glasses.

Solar Lamp Cannibalization

Don't like the manufacturers original housing? Not a problem!

Chain Mail Jewelry

This is just a little project that proves I have way too much free time. (Actually, I really only worked on it during dead time...it only took 50 hours or so...)

Motion View

Motion View is a utility program written in Java that allows you to browse images captured by the security camera software Motion.

XOR Backpropagation Neural Network Trainer

This program is a simple two layer (3 node) Neural Network that uses backpropagation training to learn a logical XOR function. The user can interact with it, and see how the Neural Network works.
Download Executable(Win32 - 245K)
Download Source (C++/Win32 - 990K)

Web Based E-mail Access CGI

This is a Web Based E-mail program implemented as a C++ CGI program. It uses TCP/IP Sockets to connect to a remote (or local) server via POP3 and SMTP and displays the users e-mail in their web browser.
Sorry, source code is no longer available, as exclusive rights to this program have been purchased by an ISP.

Distributed Mandelbrot Renderer

This is a client/server project that spreads the work of rendering a Mandelbrot image across several computers on a TCP/IP network. Check out the
ReadME file which gives more information. You can download the Whole Thing (2.21MB - Includes Source and misc other stuff) or just the Executables (345 KB).

CharonClock PalmPilot software

When I get a new toy, I always have to write a program for it, and this is my first (and, to date, only) Palm Pilot application. Upon entering your birthdate and gender, the CharonClock will display a countdown in seconds until your predicted demise.

Jay's Homepage >> Projects and Experiments