Leaf Truck

I purchased a wrecked Nissan Leaf, removed the battery, disassembled it, and built new batteries out of the modules for my S-10 Electric pickup truck. In the process, I had to upgrade the charger on the truck for both 240 & 120 volt charging, and install a cell level BMS system for the leaf modules. If you don’t count the labor costs, the whole process was very economical.

I also made several videos of the process.


“Drifting” the smashed rear end of the salvage Nissan Leaf:

Dropping the battery using 3 jacks and 4 jack-stands:

Opening the 2013 Nissan Leaf battery and taking the modules out:

Building 180 Ah 16 volt batteries from six Nissan Leaf Modules:


Installing the modules in my truck:


New charging inlets on my truck:


Adding cooling ducts for the chargers (To reduce overheating):