Hacking the LG CU-500 with BitPim

One nice thing about the LG CU500 Phone is that BitPim (an application that works on Linux as well as windows) will allow you to edit it's file-system easily. This makes it relatively easy to modify some of the bad things that Cingular has done to the phone.

By default, Cingular locks the phone down so that unsigned Java Apps are forced to ask for Internet access on every single URL they load. Needless to say, this is very annoying when using a network based application such as Google maps.

Fixing the JVM 

By editing the correct file, you can allow unsigned java apps full access to the Internet. Full directions are here: http://comerford.cc/wordpress/?page_id=14

Before you do anything, back up your phone! I found that I had to back up each sub-directory, as the root directory backup didn't work as it was supposed to.

To fix the java lockout, you replace the existing /LGAPP/Media/Java/ams/permissions file with one that has the following changes.


domain: Un-trusted
oneshot: data_network_1
oneshot: comm_connectivity_options

With this:

domain: Un-trusted
allow: data_network_1
allow: data_network_2
allow: comm_connectivity_options
allow: all_app_autostart
allow: user_data_read_capability
allow: messaging_1
allow: messaging_2
allow: multimedia_recording

Silencing annoying GUI noise 

Another nice thing I did was to get rid of some annoying Question and Confirmation GUI noises by replacing two sound files with zero byte copies: Success.acc and Pop_Up.acc in the /LGAPP/Media/Midis/EffectSnd/ folder. 

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