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j2me logoThis is a list of the J2ME applications that I use and like. To make the list they have to be free to use and not have annoying advertising (open source is also a plus).

If I do not list a URL Link, but instead just have a number in parenthesis such as (7223) the number is a "quick download" link at 



  • World Flags (9971) – Shows all the flags, dynamic quizes, look-up, etc
  • Mobile Solar System (12187) – Displays information about all the planets in the solar system.
  • Compass – Application to use the Sun/Moon as a compass. Also plots the direction to a destination of your choice and gives sun/moon set/rise times.
  • GuitarTuner (5806) – Plays tones to help you tune a gutar.
  • tieoncell (17) – Displays a simple animation of how to tie a tie.
  • Counter (12109) – Turns your cell phone into a counter. (Useful for counting people going into a room, fish in a stream, etc) 


  • Pipes (6025) – A very nice puzzle strategy game, re-sizes nicely to any phones screen.
  • FreeFlight (2713) – Very nice 3D flight simulator that shows off JSR-84, Java 3D, especially good on phones with built in 3D video hardware. Is only likely to work on the newest phones.
  • 5ud0ku (9510) – A nice Sukoku game, which allows for "pencil" marks while you are thinking. Sudoku Spot (3203) is a good alternative choice, which has more visual appeal, but not as many features.
  • Zelda (7223) – Only the first level, but it's free and fun.
  • Simple Pool (9515) – A simple pool game.
  • Why Chicken Why (6116) – Frogger like clone.

Sounded like a good idea, but didn't quite work:

  • MFRadio- (11135)Free radio from streaming stations around the world. GPL'ed program. On my phone, had annoying "jerks" in audio playback every 10-20 seconds, possibly a problem switching between buffers.


If you have suggestions for other applications I should try out and add to this page, please leave a comment! 

4 thoughts on “Best J2ME mobile applications

  1. Great list. I had found most already. But, freeflight rocks. i couldn’t get MFRadio to connect at all. I haven’t done the j2me hack yet so it can’t get network at all. Grrr.

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  3. Great blog page Jay. I have a v3xx too and somehow twiddled something so that any non-factory java apps are autoamtically deleted every time the phone posts. Any thoughts on how to stop this from happening? I think it all stated with me tricking motomidman to recognize the phone. Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Hey Mike, That is a funky situation. Two possible solutions come to mind:

    1) Follow my J2ME hacking page advice to remove the file. (Note that this will keep all the pre-loaded applications from working at all!)

    2) Do a full and complete reset of your phone (via the menus) to delete everything and restore to factory defaults.

    If neither of those work, you could always take the phone to your provider and have them re-flex/flash it. Hope one of the less extreme measures works for you, please let us know how it turns out.


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