Changing the outside display logo on a Razr V3XX

Electronics My RAZR V3xx has two screens, a small one on the "outside" and a larger one inside. During normal phone usage, the outside screen shows the Cingular logo. (Or the Motorola Logo if you have a non-branded phone.)

I decided to replace the Cingular logo with one of my own, so I used P2kCommander-v4.9.9 to replace the cl.gif file in a/mobile/ with my own. (I'm currently using the picture of electronics, which makes the outer screen look like a window into the phone, but I've included a few others you might want to use instead.) Remember to back up your original cl.gif if you ever want to go back!

Other hacks for the v3xx are here and here and my review is here.

A few images you might want to use on your phone:

MatrixEyeHallFire Dragon

Police EvidenceDead V3xxStarfleetBlue Dragon

Some originals in case you want to change back, or just change your provider:

T-mobile Original Sprint Original Red Motorola Logo Cingular Original

16 thoughts on “Changing the outside display logo on a Razr V3XX

  1. This worked great.
    It there a way to get rid of some of the java apps that Cungular put on my v3xx? The delete option is not there and i would like to get some of the demos off.

  2. You need to connect to the phone using P2kCommander, then look at the phone's filesystem. Look in the /a/mobile directory for the cl.gif file. Copy one of the above files (or one you create that is the same size) to the phone to overwrite the standard cl.gif file. Reboot your phone.

    You may also need to install the correct USB drivers for your phone before p2kcommander will see it. Getting the drivers requires a Motorola developer account (free registration required), get your account here:

    Once you are logged in, you can download the drivers here:

  3. Note that the file that you put into a/mobile MUST be name cl.gif Also – a couple of good sites for cell phone modding info specific to Motorola phones are and

  4. jay my freind has the vxx just like mine only its a year old and mine is brand new.when he open wallpaper graphics and selects an animated file it plays over and over mine plays once and stop how do i get my animated files to loop if you can help i would greatly appreciate it your other tips rock thanks jeff

  5. This has nothing to do with this topic but, does anybody know what to do? I uploaded a new skin, and nothing is showing on the small LCD except the wallpaper. I go back to 1 that came with the phone, the clock comes up, does anybody know what to do? Thx in advance!!

  6. thank you for this page, i used three versions of p2kcommander, all failed, finally i used your page to find v4.9E which worked perfectly with my v3xx and whatever set of drivers i have installed…you are my hero of the day 🙂

  7. hi all,
    i m trying to change my moto v3xx small display logo.

    i m using p2k commander 6.0.0
    but i never find cl.gif in a:/mobile.

    but i found ol.gif in P2k:/a/mobile/system/
    and i changed that gif ,but my phone logo dosnt change

    plz help…

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