Firefox scrollbars “Jumping” or “Warping” instead of scrolling when clicked

Recently, the scrollbar behavior of my Firefox web browser changed.   The “old” (and expected/desired) behavior is that if you click in the scrollbar area anywhere below the thumb, the thumb moves down one page.

However, the new behavior is that a normal click will “Warp” the thumb directly to the clicked location, scrolling the webpage a whole lot farther than desired.   (it used to be that a right-click would do the “warp”, which is a useful feature, not not necessarily one I want to be the default).

I found the answer here:

The change in behavior is caused by gtk 3.0 and to fix it on Ubuntu Linux, I had to:

create ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

with contents:


gtk-primary-button-warps-slider = false

One thought on “Firefox scrollbars “Jumping” or “Warping” instead of scrolling when clicked

  1. fixed it for me. thanks for the blog entry as it provided me with quick instructions. had this happen before in a text editor for same reason…

    whoever thought this should be the default behaviour needs to have their head checked…

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