Philips Norelco QT4085 beard trimmer disassembly and battery replacement

My trusty (yet old) beard trimmer has needed to be plugged in to use for a long while now, but the batteries finally degraded so much (I suspect they were a direct short) that even plugging it into its charger failed to make it work. So, I took it apart and replaced the batteries. (They needed it, I believe they were from 2001.)

This video distills what I learned (the hard way) about the proper order of operations for disassembling this model to get to the battery to replace it.

2 thoughts on “Philips Norelco QT4085 beard trimmer disassembly and battery replacement

    • I found them on Amazon (from a 3rd party seller), but I can’t recommend that seller because they shipped me NiMH batteries even though the listing claimed they were NiCD batteries. They work well enough to run the trimmer when plugged in, but the charging voltages levels are wrong, and the trimmer refuses to fully charge them. It’s better than the completely shorted out batteries that I replaced, which kept the trimmer from running even when plugged in.

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