Ego Nexus Escape – What I wish I knew before buying

I bought the Ego Nexus escape because Ego gave me a $25 off coupon and I have a lot of Ego batteries from my yard equiptment. I wouldn’t pay full price for it.


The Nexus escape is a  small 150 watt (max) SQUARE WAVE inverter that plugs into the top of Ego Arc Lithium batteries, that also provides 2 USB charging ports. Ego Nexus Escape (PAD1500) Amazon (Affiliate) link:

Great for charging USB devices, or powering small loads where the square wave power isn’t an issue (motors on fans buzz, but most power supplies such as for laptops, routers, etc work fine). The 150 watt inverter will shut down if the load ever goes above 150 watts, as it has zero surge capability over the listed 150 watts.

It will also go into a “low power shutdown” mode to save power if the draw is less than 4 watts, so it is not suitable for running very small loads unattended.

As a small 150 watt inverter, it is serviceable for most small loads, but I really wish it had either a modified sine wave or true sine wave output to make it compatible with more AC devices. Also, having a 300 watt surge capacity for a second or two would have made it much more usable.

Overall, I think the Ego Nexus Power Station is a much better (if much more expensive) product as it has a true sine wave power output, and a lot more capacity.

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