Maker Faire Orlando 2021

Maker Faire Orlando (2021) had a lot of interesting exhibits.


Here are a few that drew my attention:

C-47 – Air Prius –

1953 International / Prius Chassis Youtube: “Rat Rod Prius”



Elliot Hansen – Modified classic pickup truck to resemble the Pizza Planet Truck from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story series.


Jeffrey McCarthy – Disney service vehicle 2011 retired 2021 X- wing fighter


Florida Dalek builders


Greater Florida Lego Users Group (GFLUG) Display –


Delta Maker 3D printers

Miga Made Website

Miga Made on Youtube



Makers Hollow Zoetrope
A startup Makers/Artist collective in Winter Garden, FL





Projection Mapping – Nick Comis


Power Loader Costume


Boom Bike & Cat Bus! – Maker FX

From Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome – Animatronic Deinonychus




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