How to pair a Motorola HS850 bluetooth headset

How to place a Motorola HS 850 bluetooth headset into paring mode:

  1. Close the boom to turn the unit off.
  2. Hold down the call button until the blue light comes on.
  3. While holding down the call button, swing the boom open.
  4. (Now you can let go of the call button.)

The headset is now in pairing mode, and you can search for it using your phone. When it asks for a PIN, use 0000.

270 thoughts on “How to pair a Motorola HS850 bluetooth headset

  1. I was so frustrated trying to get this to pair. Then I found you… Thank you. Took me literally milliseconds to pair and connect. With my Bluetooth working I am whole once again.

  2. Thanks so much Jay for your steps-by-steps instructions. This time I attempted 5′ to pair HS850 to I6 phone but did not pick up the signal at first till I googled & found Jay’s clear instructions. While struggling to get the light on steadily (not splashy) by holding the CALL button down for few seconds & open up the boom pointing the microphone of HS850 towards the I6 phone so that the pairing can come in contacts easily. No need to input the psswd for pairing with I6 phone since HS850 Motorola Bluetooth device automatically gets in the list, ready for me to tap on it & complete their pairing.
    For testing out its connection, it works like a charm with clear reception (sharp ringing tone.)
    I received HS850 Bluetooth as a gift many years ago using from Motorola phone to LG phone & now is connected to my 1st I-phone (I6) Still happy that the Motorola device is working perfectly fine. Please turn the Bluetooth signal off from the phone settings & close the boom from HS850 in maintaining their battery lives.
    Thanks so much again, Jay & have a terrific day. 😀

  3. Worked with my Sony Z1 Compact. It was a matter of turning off the Z1 and using your instructions and then turning on the Z1 in order for them to pair.


  4. Thank you Took me an hour to find this (Looking for TB 100T3) but once I found your instructions it was straight forward. Thanks so much!

    • When you receive a call, you can push the button to answer the call (or unfold it if it’s folded). To make a call, push the button and your phone should prompt you to voice dial (if your phone supports voice dialing).

  5. I found my forgotten earpiece in a box & decided to start using it again. Couldn’t find the instruction booklet so this was extremely helpful. Thank you!

  6. Same found it during covid cleaning in a box of wires….why don’t they make units like this anymore-it’s actually a pretty good design. Thanks for connecting help!

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