How to pair a Motorola HS850 bluetooth headset

How to place a Motorola HS 850 bluetooth headset into paring mode:

  1. Close the boom to turn the unit off.
  2. Hold down the call button until the blue light comes on.
  3. While holding down the call button, swing the boom open.
  4. (Now you can let go of the call button.)

The headset is now in pairing mode, and you can search for it using your phone. When it asks for a PIN, use 0000.

270 thoughts on “How to pair a Motorola HS850 bluetooth headset

  1. thank you for the clear, articulate pairing instructions for the mot HS850. Why couldn’t the Motorolla website get me to success so easily?


  2. Thanx for the help. Lost the manual some time ago and since had purchased an iPhone. Could not remember how to pair. Found this website by accident. Good accident. Works perfectly now.
    Thanx again.

  3. Looks like this info never gets old. I just used it for my HS 850, as i lost my newer model, and hadn’t used the HS 850 for over one year.

  4. Stuart:
    It sounds like you have successfully paired the HS850 with your phone.

    Possible problems:
    1. The microphone in the HS850 is broken.
    2. You have a misconfiguration on your phone, or the “mute” option is turned on.

  5. I was confused for a good while on how to pair it. Most websites just said, ” Hold the Multifunction key down ” Never mention swinging the boom open. Most appreciated.

  6. Thanks so much. Its a pretty old bluetooth and i had lost the manual! Great and easy instructions 🙂

  7. I came across my old Motorola headset in my car … be amazed what you find under the seats … got tired of trying to talk with my G1 to my ear when getting ready in the morning. BFF and I spend hours on the phone daily. Have been fighting to pair for about a week, then stumbled on to your site! Awesome – thanks … it will save me from inadvertently dropping phone (again). Good thing for hard shell case 🙂

  8. Thanks for the info man. You’re a rockstar, and by the amount of hits looks like a lot of people have this unit. Saved me some serious time!!!

  9. Thanks so much for making this tedious task easy. You saved me much time and I appreciate you for the instructions.

  10. Thanks , here in Mexico is hard to find instruction manuals , you saved me from buying a new one… thanks again…G.

  11. Thanks so much….used this to pair up with a Droid X2 and it worked perfectly. Instructions were wrong.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  12. Jay, thanks this is the 2nd time I’ve forgot how to pair my headest to the phone and both times your site is #1 on the google search! good work.

    in response to someone’s question about the blackberry… yes it definitly does work as I have paired with 2 differnt blackberries and it pairs up just fine.

    My only problem is I just updated to v.6 of the blackberry software and now the headset buttons work but I cannot hear anything on the speaker. for example when I press the “call” button it pops up with the voice activated dialing I can say “call _____” and it will call them but no noise comes to the headset. granted I’ve had this headset since about 2008 but it worked up to the day before switching to blackberry OS 6. just wondering if anyone has heard of the OS causing the phone to not send the signal for the speaker. Oh and the Mic. works just fine. callers can hear me but I cannot hear them.

  13. Jay u r the man – instruction in motoral site is incomplete – they forgot to say hold the bott and swing the boom !! – anyways ur instruction works fine

  14. Jay, you are a lifesaver…..been trying this for days, I keep forgetting the stupid boom part. Could have stopped by verizon, but that would have been to easy and I’m way to lazy for that. Thanks again.

  15. OMG!! I jus got this at a yard sale and no instructions. I tried for hours until I found your web page and ppeerrffeecctt!! Your the best dead on!

  16. OMG! Jay, Thank you so much…I knew nothing at all about this blue tooth and it’s been sitting in my drawer since 2007…Never thought I would use this again until I saw that my new cell phone was bluetooth compatable.
    Searched the web and found your site….Your instructions worked…. : ) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….. : )

  17. I can’t get the light to come on blue trying to pair up it lights up when you open mic. but won’t come on with mic. closed and blink to pair any suggestions

  18. You will have to hold down the button with the boom closed for what feels like a very long time. Wait for the light to turn blue before opening the boom.

  19. Your instructions worked great but I think I might have a problem with my phone. When in Bluetooth mode when someone calls me they hear classical music and I hear nothing. There is no indication of an incoming call. Samsung phone but can’t find the model number.

    • It sounds like your phone may have an “auto-answer to hold” feature, or perhaps is diverting your call to an answering service of some kind. I know the headset doesn’t have any built in classical music…

  20. Tried every combination of all buttons and boom i could think of……….except the one I found on your site. Simple! Less than 5 seconds. Many thanks! Wished I searched for these instructions before I spent all the wasted time. Again, my thanks to you.

  21. Hi Jay! I sat on my Moto MB300. It’s dead. But the battery shows green charge jack light up’s every now and then. Can’t even boot it to migrate data. I would like to repair it, or at least migrate data. Ideas? Thanks!

    • If it’s just the screen that is broken, you MAY be able to attach to it via USB (If you had the USB debugging support turned on when you broke it). Otherwise, if it really won’t boot, about the best you can do is take out the SD card and SIM card and recover any information on them.

      It is possible that if you take it to a mobile phone shop they would have software that would let them “backup” the phone via the USB port (and possibly “restore” it to another MB300).

  22. hi jay tried pairing my HS850 with my i phone 5 the phone says its connected but it did not ask the phone for a password tried useing it when you ring the phone nothing happens in the head peice

    • It’s possible the HS850 doesn’t work with the iPhone, but more likely you just need to delete the pairing profile in your phone and try re-pairing the devices.


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