My Reading Habits: Korean

Google Reader (a web based RSS reader that I use to track and read various sites and blogs) has a recommendation system that will give you recommended blogs to subscribe to. It uses the RSS feeds that you are currently subscribed to, and then looks to see who else is also subscribed to those feeds. It then looks for feeds your "neighbors" are subscribed to that you are not subscribed to, and recommends them.

Two of my top three recommendations were in Korean. Juding from the pictures and a few babelfish translations, they are a news website and a fashion/entertainment website.  Two possible conclusions to draw from this:

 1. I'm more like an average korean reader than an average US reader. (Somewhat possible given the  technically orientated blogs I subscribe too.)

2. A lot more Korean uses use Google Reader to read their RSS feeds than English users and are polluting the recommendation system.

My suggestion: Don't recommend a feed that is in a language that the user has never subscribed to before. But wading through a few useless recommendations didn't take much time, and near the bottom of my list was a suggestion for the Girl Genius comic, which I did find useful, so overall I found the recommendation system useful.

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