Canon S410 viewfinder problem

Our Canon S410 camera recently exhibited some strange behavior. When using the LCD display on the back as a viewfinder, it would display a shimmering curtain of pink and purple pixels instead of the correct view. The problem was not with the image sensor, because pictures could be taken normally, and it was not with the display, because when in playback mode the camera would display photos correctly. My best guess is that the camera CPU was using the wrong mode when moving the data from the image sensor to the LCD display when in viewfinder mode. (Icons would correctly display overlayed on top of the purple curtain). This error survied through multiple on/off cycles and removing the battery. Finally, I tried to shoot a video using the camera (which resulted in a video of the purple curtain that you see here), but when I switched away from video mode and back to video mode a second time the viewfinder started to work correctly! I’m not sure if it was specifically the video mode switch that caused it to fix itself, or just a large amount of mode shifts, but it’s working correctly again.

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