A Month Driving the Electric Truck

Watt hour per miles driven over our first 20 charges. Averaging around 710 Wh per mile

We have driven our electric S-10 pickup for a month now, putting 187 miles on it and charging it 20 times (averaging around 9 miles per charge). We used around 132 Kwh of electricity to re-charge it (13% of our total household electricity usage for the month) which cost around $13.20 (or 7 cents per mile). The truck is averaging around 700-720 Wh of power per mile driven. If we were paying $3.75 per gallon of gas and getting 20mpg on an equivalent vehicle, the energy price comparable MPG rating of the truck would be 54mpg. The chart above displays the watt/hour per mile calculation for our first 20 charges. As you can see, the numbers jump around depending upon where we drive, what route we take, what speed we drive, etc. We are also in the process of breaking in a new pack of batteries).

Georgia Power now offers a Time-of-Use rate schedule designed for plug-in electric vehicles, which offers electricity for 1.25 cents during super off-peak hours (11pm-7am). I may change over to this plan after September (this rate plan has a 19 cents per Kwh cost for power used between 2-7pm in the months of June-September). Even though it requires a one year contract, I’d prefer to include next summer instead of this summer.

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