Jameco potentiometer grab bag

So, if you purchase a few Jameco grab bags of potentiometers, what exactly do you get?

  • 100 – 10 Ohms a good number, plus a few 20 ohms
  • 500 – 50 ohms, a good number
  • 101 – 100 ohms, a slightly smaller amount
  • 201 – 200 ohms, a good number
  • 501 – 500 ohms, a metric boatload (filled up 2 squares in my organizer)
  • 102 – 1K ohm, a large number
  • 202 – 2K ohm, a large number
  • 502 – 5K ohm, two
  • 103 – 10K ohm, three
  • 203 – 20K ohm, eight
  • 503 – 50K ohm, two
  • 104 – 100K ohm, two
  • 204 – 200K ohm, one
  • 304 – 300K ohm, five screw pots, plus six larger slider pots
  • 504 – 500K ohm, a large number
  • 105 – 1 M Ohm, five
  • 205 – 2 M Ohm, seven

Of course, if you wait a few months, Jameco’s overstock may be completely different and their grab bags may have completely different distribution of potentiometers.

2 thoughts on “Jameco potentiometer grab bag

  1. This seems to be a broad range of values and for the uncertainty it does not seem to be worth the price. Would you suggest this grab bag to someone trying to compile a kit of potentiometers, and wants a good number of each range and not just a “metric boatload” of a certain range or would you suggest looking elsewhere?

    • Keep in mind that my sample was ordered a while ago, so I can’t predict what you’d receive if you ordered today. I was happy with the value received, and it had a good enough selection for me…but if you are looking for specific values you would be better off just ordering them directly. I was looking to have “in-stock” a good range, so that I could plug one of “about the right” value into a circuit (perhaps with an external resistor as well….) when needed.

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