Using Cloudflare to speed up webpage loading speeds

My web host (Dreamhost) has an agreement with Cloudflare, a content delivery network, that allows you to enable the Cloudflare basic service for any of their domains. In mid-April I enabled the Cloudflare service for one of the domains I host with Dreamhost. The chart below from Google Labs’ “page load speed” report clearly indicates that the Cloudflare network helped the speed of loading the web pages. Of course, if you look at the far left of the graph, you can see that Dreamhost on their own was able to provide the same page load speeds without Cloudflare back in January, and the page load-time has been growing slowly since then. It is possible that Dreamhost is using the availability of Cloudflare to offset a higher load on their servers. But all in all, the website is close to the top 20% (which Google labels “fast”), which isn’t bad for a personal web hosting account.

(click the image for a full sized version)

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