oneTesla build

Who has a 99% complete tesla coil? Yes, that’s right, due to my extensive blogroll of the technorati (i.e. MIT students) I found out about the oneTesla kickstarter before it got super popular and got in on the ground floor (first 100 backers). Over the next month they got more and more interest, and I kept watching the features of the kit I had pledged/ordered go up. [Better interrupter, stamped toroid, etc…] Of course, like most kickstarters, it took them about three times longer than they had anticipated to actually ship the rewards, but I got my kit and (after a few customer service emails) put it all together!

oneTesla tesla coil kit completed

The only thing missing is the stamped toroid for the top, so I can’t quite spit out long sparks to the tune of the imperial march, but since I was expecting to have to make my own toroid out of an inner-tube and aluminum tape when I made the pledge, I can’t complain about a few delays in such a custom component.

So until the toroid’s ship, you (and I) will just have to watch other people’s oneTeslas making music:

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