Pebble screen corruption issue (take 2… 3)

My original pebble watch suffered from the screen corruption issue that has apparently been plaguing all of the 301BL models.

Pebble was responsive and replaced it relatively quickly two months ago. Unfortunately, the replacement watch started to show the same types of issues, visible here in the region outside of the circle and around the first few digits on my Timer+ app.

I contacted pebble and after opening a case, sending them a photo of the watch’s serial number, etc, they sent me (another) replacement pebble and a prepaid label to return the previous replacement watch.

Settings->About->Hardware reports that it is V3R3 (Version3 Revision3 presumably), which is the same as my previous watch. Only time will tell if this one fairs better than the others.

Swapping out watches is relatively easy, I just connect to the new watch from their phone app and load all of the watchfaces and apps from my locker onto it. The only disappointment with the upgrade is that Misfit stopped supporting the version 2.9 Pebble OS, and is now only supporting the new Pebble 3.x OS that has the new timeline interface. I’m not yet ready to upgrade, as I like using the pebble-bits modified firmware for features like the back-launcher (quick launch of the four first apps on the phone with a two button combo), and it only supports 2.9. [I’m also not sold on the new “Timeline” interface, but I haven’t really given it a fair trial yet either…] I had to switch over to a generic step counter app.

The annoying thing about the pebble app is that they have not considered the use case of somebody replacing their pebble watch, because although you can ADD connections to multiple watches, there is no way to DELETE a bluetooth connection to a watch (without wiping the entire pebble app and re-downloading it, which is not an option, as it takes too much time to get my QuickAuth tokens on both the phone and my pebble watch for me to do that). This results in ghosts of past (broken/replaced) watches hanging out in my list of watches.

So, overall I am still pleased with my Pebble, but only because they keep replacing it promptly when it develops the screen corruption issue. I’m not sure if all original 301BL devices had this frequency of screen corruption (due to the internal connector getting lose) or if perhaps I’m just harder on my watch than the normal user. [I do push the buttons on it quite frequently, but you’d think that the user pushing the buttons on a smart/notification type watch would be part of the design.]

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