Sheet and long board storage

I’ve been collecting sheets of material. Acrylic sheets, plywood, insulating foam, etc. Currently the garage doesn’t have any place good to store large sheets of material, so I decided to build something up in the attic.

I started with two upright boards (made from scrap wood I had laying around).

Then I added “shelves” about 17″ wide, 56 inches up, with side walls.

I can’t easily move anything wider than 3′ up the stairway to the attic, so the bottom part of the shelves were designed such that I can store 3’x6′ sheets sideways under them (36″) and longer boards / trim / pipes on top.


They are six feet apart, with some room at the end, and the space between them is open. This means that I can put in smaller sheets from either end or the middle, store two 4′ long sheets (one in each bay) or a single 8′ sheet. (Although typically I don’t store full 3×8′ sheets, as I’ve usually cut something larger than 1×8 out of it before storing it.)

I made the tops 56″ high because that is the height that left about a foot above them for the long boards, but since I really only need 37″ for the 3′ sheets, I added a six foot long by 16″ wide shelf between the two bays to allow me to store sheets that are less than 16″ wide horizontally.

So now I can get all of these guys out from in front of my downstairs shelves….

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