Schwarzenegger voice: It’s not a flu!

Covid-19 is a novel coronavirus, and is not a flu (influenza). It is more contagious than the flu, and more deadly than the 2009-2010 N1H1 swine flu.

For example, the first case of the H1N1 flu in America was detected on April 15th 2009.  86 days later, on June 10th 2009, there were 211 recorded deaths (37,246 cases).

The first case of Covid-19 in America was detected on January 20th 2020. 86 days later (April 15th, 2020) there were 32,900 deaths (654,425 cases).

In fact, the CDC’s best estimates place the total death toll of the H1N1 flu for the entire year (April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010) in the range of 12,469 deaths (8,868-18,306).

In summary, the (86 day) fatalities of covid-19 is already three times higher than the full year (365 day) fatalities from H1N1, even with the physical distancing and safer at home policies attempting to stop transmission.  This is not #JustAnotherFlu.

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