VECYS CR18 Car Refrigerator review

I reviewed the VECYS CR18 Car refrigerator.

This is an 18L fridge/freezer (it can get down to -14C / 6.8F) that runs on 12-24 volts DC (although it ships with an AC adapter that allows you to use it off of mains power).

At refrigeration temperatures (0c/32f) it takes 190 watt hours to maintain temperature for 24 hours.

At freezing temperatures(-20c on the control panel, -14c inside), it takes 520 watt hours to maintain temperature for 24 hours.

It takes almost 24 hours to fully freeze a 1L / 1kg / 2lb water gel pack.

You may also be interested in the (much larger, 60 Liter) VECY’s CR60.

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5 thoughts on “VECYS CR18 Car Refrigerator review

  1. I have one and it has worked great since i got it 4th of July earlier this year. Last Friday the display that shows the temp and voltage quit working. The lock, temp up, and temp down lights all work yet. It was in a my garage that was around 25 deg F plugged in with a set point of 15 deg F when it quit. I have it in the house now and will be determining if the compressor is still working or not.
    Do you have any input on this issue.

    • It sounds like the control board had a failure. (This may have been caused by a voltage surge when the compressor failed, or it could just be a failure limited to the control board.) You can probably bypass the control board to put 12 volts into the compressor to see if it will turn on, but you would need to right up an alternate temperature controller to run it.

      • I brought into the house and let it warm up. I then plugged it in and pushed the up temp button until i was sure i pushed it enough to reach 68 deg F. I then pushed the down temp button thirty times so it would potentially be set at 38 deg. When i had pushed it around twenty times i heard the compressor turn on. It has now kept stuff cold for over a day. So it looks like it works but there still is nothing working on the display except the four lights come on for the power, lock, up temp, and down temp buttons if you touch any one of the four.
        You said this had a one year warranty. This was purchased in june of 2021 so it is well under a year old. Do you know who to contact to discuss the warranty.

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