ezShare (ez Sh@are) Wi-Fi SD Card – Works with Linux (and any WiFi enabled device with a web browser)!

32 GB ez Share Wifi SD card

A while back I purchased a generic Wifi Micro-SD card adapter that didn’t work with my Linux computer due to the proprietary protocol it used.  This ez Sh@are 32GB SDHC +Wi-Fi card is what I should have purchased in the first place.

When powered in the camera, it acts as an AP and broadcasts a Wi-Fi network (default SDID: ez Share, default PW: 88888888  – eight eights) that you can connect to with any laptop or phone. It captures your browser and directs it to a “ezshare.card” web-server that displays the photos on your SD card. (If that doesn’t work, you can direct your browser directly to

You can view thumbnail previews of the images, and download a single image, or a selection of images (as a tar file) or all images in the folder (again, as a tar file).

If you want to see or download videos on the card, you need to select the “Video Gallary” link (it doesn’t show previews of the videos).

The only configuration options are to change the SSID of the network, the WiFi network password, and the administrative password (the default admin password is “admin”).  You should change the wifi password and the admin password if you don’t want random people downloading the photos from your SD card anytime your camera is on.

If you mess up the configuration, or find a ezShare WiFi card that you can’t access, the configuration is stored in a file on the card, so if you format the card it will overwrite the configuration and go back to the defaults.

I bought the 32GB card that includes a “share” (or not) switch on the bottom that gives you the option to turn off the WiFi AP when you don’t want to export one (Airplane mode, or to save power).  You can also purchase a TF/MicroSD card “adapter” version, that includes the WiFi server, but does NOT include any memory, allowing you to insert a larger sized MicroSD card if you need more than 32 GB of storage.

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