Wifi Tether on the HTC Aria

One of the best ways to allow other devices to use your phone’s data plan to get on the internet (a process called tethering) is to have your phone become a little wifi hotspot. Then, any wifi device can get internet access via your phone. To do this with the HTC Aria, follow these steps:

  1. Root the phone using Unrevoked
  2. Install the latest version of android-wifi-tether (I tested 2.0.5-pre4) found here: http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/downloads/list. You may have to use the Android SDK or Sideload-Wonder-Machine to install the software.
  3. Find the proper firmware (fw_bcm4329_ap.bin located in the /system/etc/firmware directory of a HTC Evo 4g system-dump) and rename it to fw_bcm4329.bin. Place this file in your android.tether directory on your SD card. The directions I followed were here:http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/wiki/Setup_HTC_Desire_Incredible
    A few links I found were:

If things don’t work out, check the android-wifi-tether log to make sure it has found and is loading the firmware file.
I have confirmed that this procedure works for unencrypted wifi tethering on my HTC Aria to a Ubuntu laptop. You can control access via MAC address filtering, but keep in mind that anybody with a wifi card can see all of your network traffic (and MAC address spoofing is trivial.)

I am currently attempting to get WEP-128 bit encryption working perfectly with Ubuntu Linux. (Wifi-Tethering does not currently support WPA encryption.) I have been able to get the phone to export a WEP encrypted wifi signal, but the Ubuntu Network manager has a problem connecting to it. I am able to connect to the WEP encrypted wifi form the phone if I configure the laptop’s wireless interface manually with a script such as the following:

sudo service network-manager stop
sleep 1
sudo ifconfig eth1 down
sudo iwconfig eth1 mode ad-hoc
sudo iwconfig eth1 essid AndroidTether
sudo iwconfig eth1 key s:SUPERSECRETKEY
sudo ifconfig eth1 up
sleep 2
sudo dhclient eth1

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