Review: is a website for people who want to trade paperback (and other) books. It allows you to post the list of books you have available to send. When somebody sees a book they want, they send you a "credit" to mail it to them. You can then use the credit to order a different book from any other member. (You also get a few free credits when you sign up and post your first nine books.)

I've been using this service for two months and have been quite happy with the process. They make sending books very easy with ready-to-print address labels (that double as book mailers). They will soon be adding the ability to print postage directly on the address labels, which will make sending books even easier.

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  1. I also use this service and it is
    a great experience and the best
    source of reading material for
    My local library most often does
    not have books I want, and I have
    books that need a new home, so
    rather than wait for the
    library to get the books I want
    on loan from another location,
    I get them from this site and
    they arrive very quickly so I
    always have a good book to
    I highly recommend this

  2. I use for most of my paperbacks, and bookins for my hard covers (The postage gets expensive for hard covers), and paperbackswap offers an unusually large, well diverse topics of books.

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