PBS Wishing – Android App to find out if a book is popular!

Main application screen, showing the book "Postmistress" having 610 people wishing for it. I have developed an application for Android Phones (OS version 1.5 or higher) that allows you to enter an ISBN from a book (or scan the barcode if your phone has a camera) and find out how many people are wishing for the book on PaperbackSwap.com. If a lot of people are wishing for a book, it’s a good indication that the book is popular, which may mean it is worth reading. (Or at least, if you decide you don’t like it, it will be easy to get a book credit for it on paperbackswap.com.)

You can find it easily in the Android Market by searching for “Summet”, (or “PaperBackSwap”). Alternatively, if you already have a QR barcode scanner on your phone, you can take a picture of this QR code to go directly to it in the market:
A QR barcode that leads to the PaperBackSwap Wishing application on the android market.

3 thoughts on “PBS Wishing – Android App to find out if a book is popular!

  1. I’m afraid not. As Google updated the developer interface and the Android API I just didn’t have any reason to keep updating the program.

    • Bummer! Too bad I didn’t hear about it way back when. At least I could have enjoyed it for awhile—it was an awesome app for us book fanatics and I’m sorry I missed the boat! :\

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