UPS Exception Notification: TRAIN DERAILMENT

I like UPS/FedEx tracking. It’s nice to know when a shipment is going to arrive. Every so often I get an exception notification that delays a package by a day because someone put it on the wrong UPS truck, or it got dropped behind something and didn’t leave a sorting facility until the next day. The exceptions usually bump the scheduled delivery forward by a day and life goes on.

Yesterday I got an Exception notice from UPS that was slightly more ominous. The “Exception Reason: TRAIN DERAILMENT” line made me sit up and take notice, and the fact that the “Scheduled Delivery” entry was completely missing made me worry a bit about the fate of my shipment.

Luckily, it appears that UPS was able to quickly recover, as today my scheduled delivery date is back and my tracking data is as follows:

UPS tracking data from a derailed train

UPS tracking data from a derailed train

One thought on “UPS Exception Notification: TRAIN DERAILMENT

  1. I’ve had that happen too. An order of vacuum cleaner filters was very late. Turns out the train had derailed. We received a good box of them soon. later the box that had been on the train also arrived. Very damaged. But, some of the filters were OK.

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