Currie Technologies 6 pin Diaganostic throttle pin-out

I purchased a surplus Currie Technologies “Diagnostic” throttle. (Which includes 3 LED’s labeled as 1/3, 2/3 and full charge indicators) It has a six pin (7 cable) connector with no pin-out diagram.

Currie Technologies diagnostic throttle

Currie Technologies diagnostic throttle

After opening it up, it appears that the blue, black, and red wires are connected to the throttle sensor itself, while the other four wires (White, Gray, Yellow, Green) connect to the LED circuit board.

The pin-out ordering is as follows, from the bottom of my picture up:

  1. Red/White (Throttle/LED, sharing a pin, + voltage)
  2. Black (to throttle, I assume Ground)
  3. Blue (from throttle, I assume signal)
  4. Green (Full LED)
  5. Yellow (2/3 full LED)
  6. Gray (1/3 full LED)

I connected the Red/Black/Blue wires to a motor speed controller that had a 3 wire throttle connection (matching them up to the Red/Black/Green wires from the controller) and it worked great!

The LED pin-out is as follows:
White (positive / Vcc)
Gray – 1/3 empty LED
Yellow – 2/3 full LED
Green – Full LED

Note that I was able to get the LED’s to light up with a 3V source, but I believe their forward voltage is less than 3V and you should use a current limited supply so that you do not burn the LED’s out.

23 thoughts on “Currie Technologies 6 pin Diaganostic throttle pin-out

  1. Jay – Help! where did you find a 6 wire throttle? My daughters Schwinn needs one and I’ve been told there discontinued.

    • you can buy them, but they are 45 bucks plus shipping. Just type in currie 6 pin throttle directly into google I only paid 20 bucks for the whole Schwinn Stealth 1000 scooter, so not looking to spend that much for a throttle. I am looking into using another throttle, but maybe not have battery meter.

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  4. Great info here thanks 🙂 My problem is, My Schwinn 1000 throttle lights (3) stays on all the time, any here can help with that please?
    It is a 5 pin (wires) throttle. Lights are indicators are : Full, Half and Empty. . .

    • I’m not familiar with that one, but it sounds like either a few wires going to the LED’s are shorted out somewhere in the line, or your controller has a problem.

        • It is likely that your throttle does not include the optional status LED’s (or at least, not as many of them). If you can figure out which three main wires to hook up (ground, +v and signal) and how, it may still work (assuming the throttle is of the same type. (resistance / hall effect, etc…)

  5. Brilliant! Was looking for a replacement throttle, now I can buy a cheap 6 buck one off of ebay with no fear. Who needs LEDs anyway? 🙂

    • It may be possible, as long as the five pin cable has the same control signals from the throttle as the six pin cable. You would only have to connect the first 3 wires
      1.Red/White (Throttle/LED, sharing a pin, + voltage)
      2.Black (to throttle, I assume Ground)
      3.Blue (from throttle, I assume signal)

      For the throttle portion to work (ignoring the other wires if you don’t need the LED indicators to work.)

    • I would not be surprised to find a 7 pin version on one of their later models, but I do not have any technical information about them.

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