Paint color matching for a costume / Painting the Bracers

Mysterio Bracer and the glove

I drove to Home Depot hoping to find some spray paint to somewhat match the color of my gloves. As it turns out, even with an entire wall of spray paint, the only color selections with a “green” hue are limited to neon green, emerald green (which I bought, as it was closest to what I want, and may be useful in the future) and a leaf green. None of them were quite right, but I also made a discovery about the house paint counter.

Home Depot will sell you “sample” pre-mixed paints in 7.5 oz bottles to “test” a color for $3! If you have a fabric sample, you can scan it with the computer and get a small bottle of paint mixed for you! (Of course, when scanning cloth with a metallic look it may not be perfect….And they only had flat and eggshell finishes, no glossy.) But a custom matched jar of paint for $3 is hard to beat! The picture above shows my bracers after one coat of paint. I’m using a brush because I don’t have an airbrush or a “fill-it-yourself” spray paint can. I’m trying to keep the brush strokes aligned with the laser cut pattern. The pattern is still visible, but the paint hides it somewhat. I may have to fill in the pattern with some darker paint at a later point.
Bracers with glove and paint.

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    • Sorry, I don’t have one or know of one. You are welcome to my design files for the (2D) bracers if you want (they are in Adobe Illustrator or Corell draw format (ai /cdr)) if that would help.

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