Mysterio Strobe Effects

Ramsy Electronics Strobe Driver kit
I soldered together my Ramsy Electronics LEDS1 LED strobe light kit today. The plan is to make the “eye” motif brooches (on the cloak’s shoulders) flash blue light.
Illustration of Mysterio's "eye" brooches

The LEDS1 kit comes with a 9 LED board, but I also bought a 20 LED add-on board. By cutting this 20 LED add-on board in half, I got two equally sized boards for the “eyes”. The final product is a bit underpowered (it does not over-drive the LEDs, and allows you to turn the “flashing” duty cycle up to 100%), but hopefully behind some frosted/etched plastic it will give a good effect.
20 LED add-on board for LEDS1 kit

20 led board cut in half to make two 10 led boards

Batteries, LEDS1 driver box, and two 10 LED boards wired up and working.

Here is the pattern I’m going to etch/cut out of clear plastic:
Eye pattern to etch and cut out of clear plastic

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