Text on the Bubble Display

The text of the logo is recognizable even in water. With glycerin I think it will be even nicer looking.

I’m actually cheating by rendering text as a bitmap image and then using software to load the bitmap into the arduino. So really, this is a video that demonstrates my ability to display arbitrary graphics, not actually generate text. (But I do plan on embedding a simple font table in the arduino so that the arduino can just render generic text.)

2 thoughts on “Text on the Bubble Display

    • Only if a tube had not sent out a bubble in the last 20-30 seconds. The liquid would slowly go into the tube, but it took several tens of seconds before it became an issue. I would have all the motors blow out a single bubble (one horizontal line) any time I was starting a new pattern after a bit of rest. And the system will blow a line of bubbles out every 30 seconds even when idle.

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