Bubble Display Source Code & Bill of Materials

This open office / libre office / open document spreadsheet lists (most of) the parts I purchased for the bubble display, as well as the supplier part number. As some of the parts were surplus, or purchased from China via ebay, the suppliers may or may not still have them available. I didn’t keep the BOM document entirely up to date after I started to put things together, especially for several last minute runs to the hardware store, but it generally shows all of the major components.
Bubble Display BOM

This is a source code dump that includes the arduino code that I wrote for the bubble display. It’s not very nice looking, but it may help others to learn what I did on the software side of things. You’ll also need a Shifter library for the 74HC595 shift registers and a WS2801 library for the RGB serial LED string.


The “images” are encoded as individual pixels, hard coded as an array, generated by python code from simple .GIF images. Edit the image in an image editor, and then run the code to generate the C code array data.





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