3D printed 3D printer cable management

A lot of cables for my Prussa Mendel 3D printer can simply be clipped or zip-tied in place. However, some of the cables go to moving parts, and need to be able to move with the part. Of course, if your cables get wrapped around something, or kinked, this motion can break them. A common solution to this problem is a cable carrier, which is an articulated mechanism that keeps cables rolling back and forth smoothly in a defined position without excessive bending of any one point on the cable.

Landru designed a 3D printable cable carrier and Buback made a version that could be clipped around existing cables and didn’t need bridging to print. Finally, Yzorg made some mounting ends for the cable. I printed some Yzorg mounting ends and Buback cable sections and used them to hold the power and sensor cables for my heated build platform. The video at the top of the post shows it in action as the Y-carriage (and build platform) move. Now I just have to organize all the other cables….


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