Hexagonal wooden mirror frame

This is my finished hex frame mirror, which is the last piece of the downstairs bathroom we renovated.


I built a hexagonal wood frame out of ceder planks for the new bathroom mirror. I had originally wanted to build an irregular three sided “triangular” mirror, but once I figured out that my compound miter saw wouldn’t make cuts sharper than 50 degrees I decided I needed more than 3 sides…and 8 pieces would have been a nightmare to assemble.


I used a table saw to rip a groove in each piece to hold the glass, and then I used the flattest surface I had available (the mirror glass) to assemble and glue the pieces together. The mirror glass was original to the house, and has a 1961 date printed on the back.


Once I had the frame built, I traced out a template so that I could mark the mirror glass exactly where it needed to be cut. (Due to a few holes I was avoiding in my scrap wood, the frame is not perfectly symmetrical….)


If I hadn’t already built the frame, I would have strongly considered making a “Superman” mirror at this point in the glass cutting phase.


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  1. This is beautiful, and I love the process photos for those of us who need the extra instruction. Great Job.

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