Parking and Charging EV’s at the University of Central Florida’s (UCF)

If you are looking to park and charge an EV on the UCF (University of Central Florida) campus, plugshare shows three options.


One is right at the visitors information center, one is on the NE side of the first floor of parking garage A (by the elevators), and one is under a large solar canopy in the D1 parking lot next to the Memory Mall. All chargers require you have a UCF parking permit. (Visitors can purchase a daily permit at the visitors information center for $5.)

In September of 2016, the Memory Mall parking lot was the site of construction, so check on that before heading for it. The spots in Parking Garage A may be occupied during the day by UCF employees/students.

The Visitor information center is at the intersection of Gemini Boulevard S and Central Florida Boulevard. (If you are arriving to campus from the west on University Boulevard, when it T’s into Gemini you would turn left to find Parking Garage A or Right to head to the Visitors Parking Info center (labeled PGA and VPI respectively on the map below).

The other option for a short trip is to pay 50 cents for 30 minutes of parking at one of the street side meters (30 minutes is the maximum stay at a meter), and then charge at an EVSE off campus. On the west side of campus along University Boulevard there are three options within a mile.   The first is at 12046 Collegiate Way, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32817, on the west side parking lot of a strip mall that contains several food and beverage options (Habibi UCF, Pita Pit, Smoothie King, Wing Zone, Proccolino’s, and Shamrock Liquor). The second is in the parking lot of the Collegiate Village Inn Apartments, just behind a WaWa convenience station which has outdoor seating with umbrellas.   Although the apartments have a “Unauthorized Vehicles will be Towed” sign, the EVSE is open to the public and accepts standard ChargePoint cards and costs 0.15 a kWh.   The third option is in the parking lot of a Buffalo Wild Wings, where you can watch sports while charging.


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