Growing herbs and lettuce indoors

I wanted an indoor herb and lettuce garden, so that I wouldn’t have to buy a whole bag of lettuce, basil, chives, etc whenever I needed just a few pieces for a sandwich or recipe. So I bought two windowsill growing boxes, a bag of potting soil, and a few seed packets and got to gardening.

Of course, plants won’t grow this well indoors without a grow light, so I bought a LED one on Ebay, and had to build a stand for it out of 2×2 lumber and 1/2″ PVC pipe.


The light isn’t quite that purple in real life, but it definitely affects the color balance nearby.

Things to know if you are building your own:
A single 10′ section of PVC and an 8′ section of 2×2 is plenty for one stand.
A 7/8″ spade bit drills a perfect hole for a 1/2″ ID PVC pipe to fit into.
A 3/4″ to 1/2″ T adapter will slide easily over the top of an 1/2″ PVC pipe upright while holding a PVC pipe crossbar.
A 9/64″ drill bit works for making a pilot hole in PVC for an M4 screw, but the screw is tight.
It takes a lot less white spray paint to cover PVC than black spray paint.

A video of the build can be viewed here:

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