Banshee sailboat mast/boom storage and sun/rain cover mount


I cut some plywood to fit the front and back of the Banshee sailboat with notches to hold the two part mast and boom in a triangular shape, so that they would support a rain/sun cover to allow it to shed water.   Even though the wood would be protected under the cover, I gave it a good coat of exterior paint. I also used 100% silicon along the bottom in an effort to keep it from sticking to the boat (which will matter more once I re-paint the boat….which is in the long term planing horizon now that it’s somewhat protected from the elements).

The   boat cover that I bought was the shortest available (14-16′) , and it almost fits (it hangs down a little on the back) and so far it appears to be of a good quality given the $50 price point: MSC Heavy Duty 300D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover, Pacific Blue,Fits V-Hull,Tri-Hull, Runabout Boat Cover,Full Size Boat Cover Purchased From Amazon.   I’m using the “A” model — Length:14″²-16″² Beam width: up to 68″³ (Fit V-hull runabout boats with beam width to 68″)

Cover longevity update: 22 months in, the cover has turned from a blue to a gray where exposed to the sun. It has a few small rips where it caught protruding hardware on the masts before I learned to put gaffers tape over them (and cover the end of the masts with spraypaint can lids), but I expect to be able to get 2-3 seasons out of this cover.

Here are some photos of the plywood:



2 thoughts on “Banshee sailboat mast/boom storage and sun/rain cover mount

  1. Nice solution. A question, they show two covers A and B they are the same length but different widths, which one are you using?

    • I’m using the “A” model – Length:14′-16′ Beam width: up to 68″
      (Fit V-hull runabout boats with beam width to 68″)

      I’ve had it outside in the Florida sun for a year now and the color has faded significantly, but so far the fabric itself is holding up well. (Only one small rip where I caught it on a projecting screw.) I expect to get at least two years of service out of the cloth cover before needing to replace it.

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