Ego Battery degradation over time (2 year mark)

I’ve been tracking how much power it takes to charge my Ego batteries since I purchased them. I’m using this as a stand in for how much capacity they retain over time. You should know that I have a large lawn (in Florida) and cycle these batteries at least once a week (more in the summer) so these batteries are getting more of a workout than if you had a small city lot that you could mow a few times before charging the battery.

I have two 7.5 AH batteries (one bought before the other). They took 410 watt hours to recharge when new. After one year of usage, the remaining capacity was (78% 320 w/h and 82% 340 w/h) on the two batteries. My older battery has two years of use, and has 70% of it’s original capacity (290 w/h).   So it looks like they drop between 18 and 22% of their capacity the first year, and an additional 8% the 2nd year for a total loss of 30% of their capacity after the 2nd year of usage. [The batteries have a 3 year warranty.]

30% capacity loss in 2 years

Update: See my new post at the 3 year mark for the 2014 battery (and 2 year mark for the 2018 battery).

3 thoughts on “Ego Battery degradation over time (2 year mark)

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the info. Batteries are rated in cycles. What you should do is keep a record of how many times each battery is charged and what level the battery is at when you put it in the charger because the depth of charge determines the number of charges (cycles), the less discharge the more cycles..
    So if I understand correctly you basically discharge the battery completely once a week with some weeks twice. OK, let’s say that’s 75 times a year roughly.
    Ego says the batteries are capable of between 800 -1200 cycles to a capacity of 60% but your data shows that it’s much less to 60% capacity and I tend to agree with you as you’re not selling this stuff.

  2. This! is the information we need. Please keep this up. I agree it would also be good to know your cycle count. 200-250 cycles to reach near 70% is way off from the manufacturers life cycle. Thank you for this

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