Project Source 11″ LED Integrated Light Failure (Flashing) IPX8011LS-ORB

Two and a half years ago I purchased a 2 pack of LED integrated lights for my house from Lowes. They were the IPX8011LS-ORB units, and cost $50 for the two pack. Recently, the electronics in one failed such that the light would flash on and off quickly (2-4 times a second) instead of saying lit continuously once the electronics puck heated up. Here are some photos of the old/bad unit (click to enlarge).

Some of the model numbers I found in the old unit: C041218 (18W LED Driver Triac dimming)  BG0358-110C036-03 (on the circuit board) HH-03 94V0 E327405 4515 (also on the circuit board.

Luckily, it came with a 3 year warranty and I was able to find my receipt, so I took it to Lowes and they replaced it with one that looked exactly the same on the outside, but had a different item number on the box and a completely different set of electronics on the inside. Photos of the new unit, which has worked fine so far:

Serial/Model numbers/markings I found on the new unit: 41056, F11-1L  L.MAC6-1430-L021-00, KF-FAND-S008-V00 2019.01.07 1400LM (1400 Lumen?), Intertek 4008733,



6 thoughts on “Project Source 11″ LED Integrated Light Failure (Flashing) IPX8011LS-ORB

  1. BTW, the new model number, etc: Item # 856073 Model # 41056

    Project Source 2-Pack 11-in Oil-Rubbed Bronze Rustic Integrated LED Flush Mount Light ENERGY STAR

    • I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you. I expect that you may have to just buy a new lamp to get the white glass cover (but, you would then have a spare light unit….) It is possible that the white cover is a “standard” size that you could find/buy online somewhere, but I have no links for you…

  2. Have the same issue with 3 of these in my house. 1 is a fluke. 3 is a pattern. Unfortunately we bought this house about 4 years ago so no receipts. But frustrating to say the least. Not sure is Project Source is aware of the issue and does anything for folks experiencing this problem?

    • Unless you have warranty coverage, you are probably going to just have to buy a replacement. On the plus side, the new models appear to be updated (so they might work longer?), and are relatively inexpensive. Keep your receipts ;>

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