Slurk / Poison Toad tabletop miniature — 3D printing & Painting

I 3D printed and painted this Slurk from ClayRade’s Thingiverse # 4417796.   The print worked well even on my low end FDM printer (I used the version with “Drool” to act as support for the fangs, but cut the connection to leave the fangs free standing).
I primed the 3D print using flat black plastic spray paint.

I mixed orange and red together to put on the bellies, and then I used a dark green
for the legs and rear of both figures. I used two different colors on the backs, on one toad I did a neon yellow green and on the other one I just did a light green.

I drybrushed black onto the knobbies on the backs of both figures, and washed some black onto the bellies. I also coated the “fangs” with a creamy white color.

The only detailing I did was on the eyes. The toad at the top of the page got yellow spots with black lines, and the one below got black spots with small white dots for pupils. I used a very generous amount of gloss clear-coat to finish them both with a wet appearance.


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