Stump Spider tabletop miniature — 3D printing & Painting

I was cleaning out my car and found a small toy plastic spider.   I suddenly realized that if I were to hit it with a heat-gun, I could bend the legs into any pose I wanted.   So I printed out a tree stump from Thingiverse # 3033820 scaled appropriately to be a stand, and bent the spider legs so that it would stand on the stump.   After that, I just had to paint it….

This is what the spider and stump looked like originally. I primed the spider and the stump with a flat black spray paint.

Then, I dry brushed them both (brown on the spider, and golden brown on the stump) to show off the texture.


The bottom of the spider was hollow, so I filled it with a pink (on hand from the mouth of a Charmander model I was painting for my son….) to sort of look like some type of maw on the bottom of the spider, but it’s mostly hidden up against the top of the stump.

The only detail work I did was to dry-brush the spider eyes red, hit the fangs with white, and put a drop of white on the bottom of each spider leg.   Later on, I added some brown over the white leg tips to tone them down a little.   On the stump, I added a few spots of red or neon green to hint at moss or fungi growing on it.

After spraying the whole thing with a gloss clear-coat, I was very happy with the result. The stump model prints very well with my FDM printer, which would not be able to print spider legs at this scale, and I’m sure you can buy a whole bag of plastic spiders at a dollar store, so combining them together to get an inexpensive but great looking spider worked out very well.

Here is a video talking about using the Heatgun to shape plastic:



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