Mysterio Costume – Wearing the Sphere on a Cowboy Collar

Wearing a mysterio spherecowboy collar with the collar cut off the back and moved to the front
I purchased a McDavid Cowboy Collar (A piece of football protective gear) and cut the collar part off the back and moved it to the front to help support the sphere. The whole thing fits well over my shoulders, and with the modification of moving the collar to the front and sewing a few magnets onto the shoulders, it holds the sphere relatively well. I used black nylon thread to sew the ring magnets and the collar piece onto the base unit, and I also used GOOP flexible contact cement to add strength to the front collar part. Because the collar part is spanning the front, the laces on front are no longer strictly needed to close the gap. I made it just large enough to fit over my head (with a bit of bending). My plan is to rig the front part of my cape to fit between the sphere and the top of the collar (using the collar to hold it up) to disguise the join between the sphere and collar and hide the collar entirely. (Luckily, this is 100% consistent with Mysterio’s costume.)

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