Mysterio Cape

Today I started on the actual costume part of my costume (as opposed to the props) and found 3 yards of remnant fabric ( $1 per yard!) that is approximately the correct color for my mysterio cape. Because the costume needs something that is closer to a cape than a full cloak, I made a “half-circle” cloak, which typically falls over the shoulders but doesn’t completely close in the front. [A full circle cloak is MUCH more massive and would hide most of your body.] The trick to cutting an even half circle is to fold your fabric in half, have somebody hold a piece of string at the corner, and trace out a quarter circle (with a washable fabric marker if you have one). When you cut out the quarter circle and open your fabric back up, both sides of your half-circle match. Then do the same folding trick when you cut out a neck hole. Remember, you can always cut more, but adding fabric is hard. If you get lucky and find a knit fabric that doesn’t fray, you may not even have to hem the edges.

half circle of fabric on the floor

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