Motorola Backflip Android 2.1 upgrade

I have been using my HTC Aria as my primary phone, and using CyanogenMod it runs android 2.2. Instead of leaving it sitting in a box, I decided I wanted to use my backup phone (a Motorola Backflip) as a wifi network camera. However, it runs Android 1.5, which isn’t supported by the Free IP Webcam software. Luckily, Motorola has released an upgrade for the Backflip, if you know where to look. Continue reading

Backflip wifi tether with Ubuntu Linux

After gaining root access on my Motorola Backflip phone, I was (eventually) able to get wifi tethering working using the Barnacle application (version 0.5.1).

In Barnacle, I have “skip wpa_supplicant” checked, the channel set to six (6), and DHCP set up to use the OpenDNS DNS server ( although the DNS server option may not be needed. (I had to also manually specify the DNS server IP on my client anyways.)

I had to pull some tricks on the client side (Ubuntu Linux) to make everything work. Specifically, setting MTU size to 1250 and setting up my own DNS name server IP.
The script I use to make this all work with ad-hoc networking on Ubuntu is as follows: Continue reading

PBS Wishing – Android App to find out if a book is popular!

Main application screen, showing the book "Postmistress" having 610 people wishing for it. I have developed an application for Android Phones (OS version 1.5 or higher) that allows you to enter an ISBN from a book (or scan the barcode if your phone has a camera) and find out how many people are wishing for the book on If a lot of people are wishing for a book, it’s a good indication that the book is popular, which may mean it is worth reading. (Or at least, if you decide you don’t like it, it will be easy to get a book credit for it on
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How to Root the HTC Aria on At&T

Rooting the HTC Aria on AT&T is made trivial by the program you can download at

So far the only good reason I have found to root your HTC Aria is so that you can enable wifi tethering, but that requires a few more steps which you can read about in my next post.

In addition to rooting your phone, the unrevoked application adds a custom recovery image to your phone (Clockworkmod recovery – )

This open source recovery system allows you to backup your phone to SD-card (nandroid backup), and load other ROM’s.

Motorola Backflip (MB300) Review

Motorola Backflip (folded open, ready to use keyboard)
I have been using a Motorola BACKFLIP as my primary phone on AT&T for the last month. It is my first experience with the Android OS and smart-phones in general (my previous phone was a Motorola Razor V3xx “feature” phone), as well as my first full QWERTY keyboard on a phone. Overall it has been a positive experience. For the rest of my review, keep reading…
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Jay’s list of the Best Android apps

I’ve had my Motorola Backflip for a month and have settled on a set of applications to keep on my phone. All of these applications work with Android version 1.5. My Backflip has a Camera / GPS / Compass and Accelerometers. Where an application makes use any of these hardware components I’ve mentioned it in the description. If you think I’m missing a great one, let me know!
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