Ferrofluid Sculpture test 2

After buying some strong rare earth magnets I re-tried my ferrofluid levitating sculpture. The main problem is that the ferro-fluid moves to the poles of the magnets (top and bottom, with gravity favoring the bottom) and does not surround the sides of the magnets. It was also hard to get enough small magnets to fit under the main magnet (as they repel each other), so I had to include a screw in the middle to get the weight correct.

Note: Working with Ferro-fluid is dirty and messy. If magnets snap together they can throw dark oily fluid which stains just about anything. Be sure to have lots of paper towels on hand, jars/shields under/around everything, and don’t work in a nice room. Dish detergent and abrasive scrubbing will eventually get it off of most surfaces that are not porous. Wear disposable rubber gloves and use disposable pipettes. Wear disposable clothes. Don’t use any of your wife’s kitchen appliances or instruments that you can’t afford to replace.

Update: After floating under the magnetic levitation for 24 hours, the ferro-fluid became much less “spiky” and eventually the drops at the end of the magnets became spherical.

Also, cleaning ferrofluid from a magnet is almost impossible.

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