Full Sized Bubble Display Mockup

While my prototype bubble display is all good for testing, it really isn’t a good demonstration of the aesthetic effect I am imagining for a full sized bubble display. Here is my 3D mock up of a bubble display that would be made up of 60 tubes, making a 60 inch wide display that would stand 84 inches tall, with approximately 70 inches of visible bubble tube.

A tall display with transparent bubble tubes

Continuing with the “acrylic modern” aesthetic, the support frame would be built of t-channel (8020) aluminum, with plastic panels forming a triangular prism at the base which would contain the air pumps and electronics. The tops of the tubes would be covered with a curved mesh of metal wires. I imagine that the light transfered from the acrylic at the top of each tube will light up and refract off of the mesh nicely, plus the mesh will keep bugs out of the tubes.

3 thoughts on “Full Sized Bubble Display Mockup

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  2. We need 35 x 2 (70 meter) area coverage using those support and center lexan or plexi glass or poly carbonate clear sheet insert.

    the application is to provide protection shield for the spectator seating area at an indoor football court.

    What is the maximum size possible (we need 2.5 neter overall height) and width 2 or more meter each panel.

    Pls advise pricing if possible to supply.

    • The Aluminum extrusions / supports were purchased from http://www.8020.net/ 2.5 meter height shouldn’t be an issue for the extrusions, but you would have to source your own clear sheets that were that high. 4ftx8ft is the standard size.

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