Bubble Display Prototype 1

I have the physical structure, electronics, and pneumatic systems all integrated (for 2 of 6 channels) on my first prototype for the Bubble Display. The electronics are mounted on one side of the upright board, while the air pumps, check valves, LED lights and acrylic tubes are mounted on the other. (Click photos for larger versions)
The electronics for a bubble display prototype

Six air pumps, connected with check valves to the bottom of acrylic tubes filled with water

And here is a video of the system driving two channels (tubes of water). This is a 10ms bubble size, which is quite small. I will be experimenting with various lengths of time to drive the air pumps to make bubbles of different sizes, as well as experimenting to find out how small of a delay I can use without having the bubbles run into each other as they rise. (The length of the tube will affect that as well, so it’s just about time to make some six foot tubes!)

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