Bubble display fiber optic relay

Because the air hose is connected to the center of each square acrylic tube, the 60 LED lights on the bubble display are mounted almost between tubes, very close to the left edge of each tube. This means that a particular LED contributes light to both it’s own tube, and the one to it’s left. On the far right side of the display this makes mounting the first LED easy, as it is well away from the outside aluminum support upright. However, on the far left side of the array, the hole for the LED is right up against the aluminum support upright. The LED’s have a square circuit board below them that makes the entire unit wider than just the LED, and it won’t fit.

bundling together several fiber optic cables using heat shrink tubing
fiber optic relay bridging gap from LED to hole under the last acryllic bubble tube

I knew this would be an issue from the beginning, and had designed my way around it using a bit of fiber optics. Of course, the far left tube is slightly dimmer than the others…but then again, so is the far right tube (which only has one LED).
the last tube is slightly less bright due to the fiber optic relay

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