YouTube copyright Claim by AdRev for Rights Holder – Flight of the Bumblebee

I posted a video on YouTube and used “Flight of the Bumblebee” as background music, which was performed by the US Army Band. Works by the government (funded by taxpayer dollars) are automatically placed in the public domain. I downloaded it from at this link:

A day after uploading it, I received a notice from YouTube that said:

“Copyrighted music was found in your video. Don’t worry–you can still make money from it, but some of the revenue will be shared with the copyright owner.”

The claim info listed:
Copyrighted song: EPM019_037_Flight Of The Bumblebee – Boost – Ear Parade
Claimed by: AdRev for Rights Holder”

It is understandable that YouTube’s content ID system may accidentally confuse one public domain recording of Flight of the Bumblebee with another, but it does make more work for me (I have to dispute the claim) and presumably more work for “AdRev for Rights Holder” (assuming they actually review my dispute).



Two days later I received an email from YouTube:

Hi Jay Summet,

Good news! After reviewing your dispute, AdRev for Rights Holder has decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video.

Video title:

If you earned any money during the dispute, you should receive that money as part of your next YouTube payment.

– The YouTube Team”

7 thoughts on “YouTube copyright Claim by AdRev for Rights Holder – Flight of the Bumblebee

  1. I am hitting the exact same problem with this background music- only I can’t find where to dispute it. The video is still private I guess I have to release it and then dispute??

    • I had to follow a few links from the help site to file the dispute, it wasn’t directly from the video page. Search through the help documentation to see if you can find the form.

  2. I used the same song and source for my vid and received the same copyright claim.
    Posted it Jan 4, 2018, and t was almost immediately claimed. I also immediately disputed the claim, but have yet to hear anything, It is encouraging to hear you won your dispute, but wondering what is taking so long with mine

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  5. I downloaded a version by a US army band from a public domain website, used it for background music, and YouTube told be its copyrighted and all ad revenue will go to some ‘copyright holder’. Ive submitted a dispute. If this is indeed corporate overreach, how annoying! These dicks should be fined or something.

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