Another day, another invalid copyright claim on YouTube – RepostNetwork

I just received the following copyright claim on one of my 5 year old videos on YouTube:

invalid copyright claim by RepostNetwork

Luckily, I put the music attribution right at the end of the video. So I know I got the music from, which offers royalty free use by attribution.   I disputed this claim as invalid:

“Dispute submitted
Disputes will be sent to the claimant for review
YouTube does not review Content ID disputes. The claimant now has 30 days to review your dispute. We’ll send you an email to let you know the outcome.”

So, is RepostNetwork going to become the new AdRev or Believe Music?

2 thoughts on “Another day, another invalid copyright claim on YouTube – RepostNetwork

    • YouTube gives the claimant 30 days to respond to my dispute. If they fail to respond by the end of the 30 days, the claim is automatically dropped. In the past, I’ve had the claim automatically dropped after 30 days, indicating to me that the people who file these claims are not spending time reviewing the disputes. (It’s only been 4 days so far, with no results yet.)

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